Search Process Methodology is Key

UnderstandingOur recruitment process stems from understanding our clients' needs by taking the time to listen to their requirements (ideally face-to-face). We design a tailored recruitment strategy based on this and agree the approach. We will discuss the job description, develop the criteria for the person specification (competency matrix) and define the delivery milestones of the assignment. We will create a value proposition detailing the primary information of the opportunity to potential candidates.
Market MappingAbyss Energy will then drive this process forward based on our research, our network and our understanding of the specific market place to reach out to the widest population of potential candidates for this role. This process is known as market mapping. This is supplemented by advertising the position on our Abyss Energy Group website, as well as other relevant sites/media sources. We will also search through our own vast database of candidates. Both national and international markets can be canvassed. 
Long ListCandidates who have made the market map will make up our initial long list. Abyss Energy will then contact all these candidates individually and put them through a screening process. This enables us to establish their suitability, motivation, availability, aspirations (financial and otherwise), and practicalities of relocation. Abyss Energy will verify their qualifications and authenticity of the submitted documents. Abyss Energy will also conduct a Personality assessment via our Talentoday partnership to identify top performers and define candidate objectives.
Short ListThis process will enable Abyss Energy to funnel these candidates down to a shortlist of a previously agreed number of the very best candidates.  The shortlist will then be presented to the client in a CV, all certificates, training courses, English assessment form and references from previous 5 years.   We will also provide you with a brief summary outlining our observations of each individual submission.
Client InterviewWe will liaise closely with both the client and the candidate to ensure that the selection process runs smoothly. This will include assisting with arrangements for interview schedules, travel, interview preparation and debriefs.  Abyss Energy will ensure that feedback is promptly passed to the client and from the client to the candidates. Unsuccessful candidates are rejected in a professional manner with courtesy and decorum. We can undertake psychometric testing on behalf of the client should this be required.
Offer ManagementAbyss Energy will provide assistance and guidance during the "offer management" phase of the recruitment process and deal appropriately with counter offers.We will act as liaison for any issues arising from the written offer and contract and deal with questions during the mobilisation period before the candidate starts employment.
Candidate StartsAbyss Energy will remain in contact with both the newly appointed candidate and the client to ensure a successful transition and integration process.


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